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Rumbline and our customers

Established brands and small start ups

Among our customers you will find large banks and insurance companies, as well as smaller niche players. In the public sector we work with governmental agencies, regions and municipalities.

In some of the assignments we help developing ideas and strategies. In others we plan and implement changes in an efficient way.

Our consultants have both wide and deep experience. They contribute everything from practical advice to concrete leadership, and follow up on results.

Our business philosophy

Maintaining the highest trust

Our success is built on our ability to create and maintain mutual trust. Our customers often describe our cooperation as inspiring and result oriented, and that our offer maintains the proper focus in an ever changing world. We value this trust highly and are humble facing these tasks. This means that we are constantly working on developing ourselves in order to continue being a relevant partner to our customers.


Specialists in change management

Rumbline is a specialist in leading extensive change management work in the banking and insurance sector. We give practical advice, implement ideas and ensure the desired effects are achieved. With proven methods and practical experience we help our customers succeed in all aspects of their change management.

We understand the business

We have extensive experience leading change management projects. Our consultants have been working close to the business for many years in areas like business analysis, requirement specification, as product specialists and process developers.

We know the underlying technology and we are hands on

We understand what it means for an insurance company to implement a new system.

We work with both large banks and small hedge funds. We know how to calculate risk and valuation, how to build integrations to marketplaces and how to handle large order flows.

We work close to our customers, continuously analyzing and leading the ongoing operations and change management, with detailed knowledge about the underlying regulations and technology.


Our experienced consultants take responsibility on all levels. From shorter pre-studies and development projects, to larger programs that go on for many years.


We help our customers navigate through all financial regulations, such as Mifid, Mifir, GDPR, FRTB and PSD2. We have practical experience of how the regulations should be interpreted and implemented.

Test leaders and test strategies

We have experienced test leaders who can ensure quality in all deliveries and can help you set up automated test strategies.

We are fluent in Greek…

Delta, gamma, vega, theta, rho and epsilon are part of our every day work, and so are complicated risk calculations, calibration of volatility surfaces and various mathematical statistical methods.

…. and many other languages

Large financial standard platforms, Python, Java, C#, parallel computational nodes, AWS, Azure, SQL, Java, .Net and SQL. We know the tools that are required and used within Capital Markets.

Market data

Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Markit, Traiana, Reuters and various marketplaces and clearing houses are some of the market players we work against every day.

Data driven decision making

What do you know about your clients and your business?

Data is the foundation of all analysis that can help you make the right decision. We have tools that can collect data, both from you own organization and the rest of the world, in order to analyze and draw conclusions that will develop your business and increase profitability.

Cloud migration

We know the underlying technologies, from traditional BI and data warehouse solutions, via the relevant programing languages and libraries to the large cloud platforms. We are experienced with AWS, Azure and Google cloud.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We have senior consultants who are active as researchers within the field of Articifical Intelligence and Machine Learning. We help you with choice of methodology, to articulate and validate hypothesis, to calibrate models and to ensure that the tools give maximal value to your business.

Our senior change management leaders ensure that all projects end up where they should be.

Public sector

Capable of getting things done

We know how complex organizations work. Our consultants work for municipalities, regions and governmental agencies – supporting the business and implementing projects.


We know what needs to be done, and we have the strength and experience to lead complex projects in large organizations.


We know how to run the projects. We handle requirement analysis, project plans and architecture.

Business and Enterprise Architects

Rumbline’s experienced consultants are working with business and IT architecture, supporting the business on an operational, tactical and strategic level in their decision making processes.

Change management

New times require new ways of working, and change management is getting more and more important to our clients. Our consultants are appreciated for their ability to drive and lead changes.


Our consultants assume responsibility for projects on all levels. Many assignments in the public sector are focused on digitalization in various forms.

Balance, freedom and health

Be in control of both your career and your life

Freedom, balance and health is important to us, as well as finding time to have fun together.

We see honesty, consideration and respect as important parts of our everyday life, building trust between ourselves and towards our clients. We value this trust highly and are humble facing these tasks. We are constantly working on developing ourselves in order to continue being a relevant partner to our customers.

Quality in our deliveries and in our relations

In order to contribute to the development of our clients, we believe you are a leader that has taken a few steps in your career already and have the relevant experience. Quality is important to us, both in our deliveries and our relations. We work closely with our clients, often in exciting assignments where we facilitate changes that are important to their future development.

Our consultants

Our most important resource is our experienced consultants and their ability to perform assignments with our clients. This is why we only hire people with extensive knowledge in one or more of our main focus areas.

En bild av en segelbåt som visar balansen mellan arbete och fritid

We believe all success starts with individuals who are prepared to invest and engage with the task at hand. People who can assume responsibility and create value.

Our social engagement

We want to contribute

At Rumbline we believe it is important to lend a helping hand where it is needed. We see many people in need of help, both close to home and far away.

We chose to give our support to two organizations that we think is performing a well needed and fantastic service to the children in our society.